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Why did Studio Ghibli stop making movies ?

Studio Ghibli was founded on 15 June 1985, after the success of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984), with funding by Tokuma Shoten. The first work Ghibli produced was Laputa: Castle in the Sky (Laputa: Castle in the Sky).

Why did Studio Ghibli stop making movies ?

Since then, the company has produced a number of classic animated films that have brought in a great deal of revenue with great works such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Chihiro into the spirit world). In 2001, Spirited Away gave Miyazaki Hayao an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Why did Studio Ghibli stop making movies ?

Trouble comes when the father of the firm left the market. Miyazaki Hayao retired last year after completing The Wind Rises, and Takahata Isao has no plans for a new film. Unfortunate in finding new talent replacing the founders. Potential new people die or leave the company.

When the animation is saturated, the financial income is not guaranteed, the company can not continue to operate as the current form. Ghibli’s last movie, When Marnie Was There, box office failure, was similar to the previous movie The Tale of Princess Kaguya.

Why did Studio Ghibli stop making movies ?

According to the Catsuka Animation website, Ghibli still works on projects such as music videos, commercials, and short films.

A key member of the company closely related to Hayao Miyazaki’s projects is also retained. However, that does not mean that this person will not retire, or a new film will be born.

To date, the company has yet to announce a next plan. Japanese animation enthusiasts expect Ghibli to be back in the future to continue to bring animated cartoons around the world.

Any way, Ghibli’s animations are always beautiful memories, they always accompany us throughout the journey of childhood. And if you want to keep those memories forever, the best way is through the cute merchandise of Ghibli at Studio Ghibli Global Store.

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