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Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

For Studio Ghibli lovers, the best holiday to show their love to the animation studio is Halloween. While some may think that the only outfit accepted is Totoro or No Face, there are many other characters that have been modeled for the best Halloween ever. If you love anything related to Studio Ghibli, look ahead to get inspiration from what other fans have created.

Here are 15 Ghibli cosplay costumes for Halloween and other holiday seasons

1.Grey Totoro Onesie For All Ages

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

Perhaps the most charming and young Studio Ghibli (but NOT childish) is My Neighbor Totoro. Satsuki and Mei move to a country house with their father to get closer to their mother, who is recovering from a disease. Totoro, the God of the Forest, befriend the girls and keep them safe.

And who is Totoro? He is a great forest god! He protected trees and wildlife and he also kept an eye on the girls.

Wear this outfit, cosplay Totoro and bring many spells to your Halloween party

You can buy it here

2. 3pcs Anime Cosplay No Face Man

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

No-Face (カオナシ Kaonashi, lit. “Faceless”) is a spirit in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. He is shown to be capable of reacting to emotions and ingesting other individuals in order to gain their personality and physical traits.

His figure resembles that of a long, black tube. While it is unknown if No-Face has a physical body, it is shown that he can develop arms and legs with the capability of leaving footprints as he walks. An ominous, expressionless mask with grey-violet highlights is painted on his “head” of sorts, and while there is a “mouth” painted on the mask, No-Face has shown that his real, expertly-hidden mouth is larger than the one present on his mask.

No Face is probably one of the most anticipated characters in the Halloween party

Included in this well-made outfit are gowns, plastic masks and smooth gloves (so you can throw gold).

With this funny Cosplay costume like this, you will be launched in Conventions to take photos but you are safely hidden behind the cloak and mask!

You can buy it here

3. Howl Cosplay Costume including Jewelry Necklace Anime Men Clothes

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

Howl is one of Ghibli’s most beloved characters. With handsome appearance, talent, good personality, he has taken many girls’ hearts.

Howl has shoulder-length straight flaxen blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a pale complexion. Howl wears flamboyant and fancy suits. The suit he wears most often is silver and blue though he later changes to his more favoured grey and scarlet one, later disguised as a black suit

If you’re a fan of Howl, don’t miss this outfit. Let’s transform into a powerful magician and bring miracles to life

You can buy it here

4. Spirited Away Chihiro Cosplay

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

Spirited Away is a story about Sen, a young girl caught up in the Spirit world when her parents are imprisoned. She found a job in the spirit bath with Haku’s help. The bath is a strange place, visited by Spirits all night.

As difficult as the job of Sen learning how strong and capable she is, finally being able to rescue her parents and go home.

Chihiro has brown hair and rosy cheeks. She is very petite and has a childish appearance, and a quite-pudgy face. Her attire includes a white medium-sleeved T-shirt with green stripes, pink shorts, white socks and yellowish sneakers. While working in the bath house, she is barefoot and wears a pink and white work uniform with a tasuki cord for tying her sleeves up.

If you’re a Spirited Away fan, the Chihiro cosplay costume is a great choice for you.

You can buy it here

5. Classic Spirited Away White Dragon Haku Cosplay

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

Haku is the deuteragonist in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. Haku appears to be around 12 years old in physical age. He has straight, dark green hair in a bob haircut and slanted, dark green eyes when he is human. Haku wears a short, blue hakama, white kariginu with a blue kimono underneath and beige sandals. When he transforms into his dragon form, he has a mint-green mane and a white, scaly body.

This Haku cosplay costume is really suitable for those who are fans of Haku and Chihiro couples. Especially, if you have a group of 3 friends, the trio of Chihiro, Haku, No Face will create a wonderful effect.

You can buy it here

6. Anime Howl’s Moving Castle Sophie Cosplay Women Costume Long Dress

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

Sophie Hatter is the female protagonist and heroine of the movie Howl’s Moving Castle.

Sophie’s appearance in the movie depicts her as a young, innocent-looking girl with brown eyes and long brown hair worn in a plait that is tied with pink ribbons. She is typically seen wearing a sun hat with a red ribbon and a pink brochette, and a pastel green dress with a white collar and three buttons on the chest, all of which contribute to her plain appearance.

Become gentle, beautiful, yet powerful Sophie with Anime Howl’s Moving Castle Sophie Cosplay Women Costume Long Dress

You can buy it here

7. Princess Mononoke Hime san Cosplay Costume custom any size

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

San, otherwise known as Princess Mononoke or the “Wolf Girl,” is the main character, along with Ashitaka, in Princess Mononoke. She acts, behaves, and resembles a wolf due to the fact that she was raised by wolves themselves. San is the Princess of the Wolf Gods.

San wears ragged clothing and a cape made of a wolf’s fur, and has what appears to be red war paint on her face. She wears a head necklace with a single small gem in her front. She also bears short, straight, fluffy hair and has blue eyes with bangs slightly parted in the middle. She has a medium necklace with three fangs tied across her neck. She wears long, dangling, oval shaped earrings during the whole film. She wears a mask which is her iconic feature. The mask is red with ears and white wavy lines and three yellow holes for a mouth and eyes.

This outfit resembles San’s appearance to every detail. You can buy it here

8. My Neighbor Totoro Hoodie Coat Cosplay

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

This hoodie is for those who are fans of Totoro.

Totoro is the title tetartagonist and forest spirit that lives in the largest camphor tree in a small village. He is featured in Studio Ghibli’s film My Neighbor Totoro. Totoro has grey fur and beige belly with grey arrows on his chest. He has pointy ears, long whiskers and large paws with long claws. His silhouette vaguely resembles that of an owl.

This hoodie is not only a great cosplay outfit but also a very warm coat in the winter.

You can buy it here

9. New Kiki’s Delivery Service Kiki Cosplay Dress   

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

Kiki also known as Kiki the Witch is a fictional 13-year-old female witch and the titular main protagonist of Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Kiki has short, dark hair, which she ties back in a large, red bow. She wears a medium-sleeved, black dress, which appears to be dark purple or navy blue.

This outfit is inspired by the dress she wore in the movie. You can buy it here

10. New Adult Anime KiKis Delivery Service Dress

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

Another dress was inspired by Kiki’s character in Kiki’s delivery service. This dress has a more mature and elegant style. Moreover, the outfit also includes a bag with a Jiji cat and a magic broom
If you are a fan of Kiki, this is a great choice for you

You can buy it here

11. Cute Girls Kiki Cosplay Women Fancy Dress

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

Disguised as Kiki ’Delivery Service characters by owning Cute Girls Kiki Cosplay Women Fancy Dress .This design is a perfect choice for you.

An adorable Kiki or an elegant, mature Kiki? If you are bored with these styles, please come to a cute and seductive Kiki. Costumes include: Dress + Bag + Headwear + Hand Wear

You can buy it here

12. Baby Totoro Kigurumi Pajamas Onesie Cosplay

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

My neighbor Totoro are well received not only for their meaningful stories, beautiful characters, impressive personalities and beautiful scenes that are difficult to get in other films. Disguised as My Neighbor Totoro characters by owningBaby Totoro Kigurumi Pajamas Onesie Cosplay .This design is a perfect choice for your kids.

If your child is a fan of Totoro in particular and Ghibli in general, this is a great gift for your baby.
The outfit is made of high-quality, soft material, does not irritate the skin, will certainly make you satisfied.

If your whole family is a Ghibli fan, why don’t you try cosplaying together as Totoro this Halloween? Definitely fun. Maybe this is a good memory for your family

You can buy it here

13. Totoro Cosplay Costumes Coral Fleece Blanket

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

A great Totoro cosplay idea. Also this shirt can completely be used as a cape or blanket.

Quickly add this pretty shirt to your collection of Ghibli items right away

You can buy it here

14. 2019 New Cosplay Totoro Lovely Plush

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

A lovely and warm Totoro cape. You will definitely like this shirt, because its color and style are very similar to Totoro. In addition, superior material, soft, safe for the skin is the plus point of this outfit.

You can buy it here

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