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Sheeta – Laputa: Castle In The Sky

Sheeta is the secondary protagonist of Laputa: Castle in the Sky. She is a young girl who carries a volucite stone (levistone in some subtitled version, levitation stone in the original English dub and aetherium in the Disney dub). She is an orphan, just like her companion Pazu.


Sheeta - Laputa: Castle In The Sky

Sheeta wears an indigo dress until she changes into a brown shirt and green pants with yellow hats, then after being caught, she wears a simple long white dress, rescued by Pazu and Dola, she changes into Dola’s big pink pants and yellow blouses. She had brown hair with short bangs on the front and put her hair in two braids on either side of her head as well as a red headband. Each braid is neatly tied at the bottom with a red, popular ribbon for hair accessories in Studio Ghibli. After being arrested by Muska, her hair is short, very similar to Kiki’s hairstyle and Sophie’s (second) hairstyle. Before tying her hair into a braid, she kept it long with a red hair band.


Initially, she came from Gondoa, deep in the northern mountains and raised cattle alone, until the day the Colonel Muska arrived and took her away. She was Muska’s prisoner until Dola, a pirate captain, came and tried to steal her crystal. Sheeta falls out of a balloon and happens to meet Pazu, who saved her. Pazu helps her escape Dola and her crew and they discover the secret of Laputa’s power. Sheeta tells Pazu that she is of Laputa origin. They were captured by Muska and the army. Sheeta learned the secret and convinced Pazu to forget Laputa for their own sake. Remembering a long mantra, Sheeta read it and the sacred light brought a giant robot back to life. It threatening the soldiers and hands her over to Pazu, who saved her again.

Sheeta - Laputa: Castle In The Sky

Dola welcomes Sheeta and Pazu to her crew instead of holding them hostage and gives them work. After a battle in the clouds, the heroic twosome finally discover Laputa and, discovering the palace under attack and Dola and the boys held prisoner, realize they must rescue the city from Muska’s evil plan.

Sheeta announced that Muska was about to open a door to the royal rooms but was kidnapped. Pazu frees Dola and the boys and rushes to save Sheeta. Meanwhile, Muska took power over Laputa, but Sheeta escaped and pulled the crystal out of his reach. The evil man tries to force her to obey him, but Sheeta stands firm and refuses, telling him that the kingdom has died because its leadership is cruel and the world cannot live without love.

Pazu steps up and confronts Muska, who threatens to kill Sheeta if the two of them do not comply. Pazu convinces him that he will do it if he lets him talk to Sheeta. Muska reluctantly agreed and gave them a minute. Sheeta and Pazu read the spell of destruction, destroying the castle and Muska falling. In the victory, our heroes realized that the giant tree living in the middle of the kingdom saved them with its roots. Then they rowed into the sky, with Dola and her crew with them.

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