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Romantic Love Stories Of Ghibli

In the gentle and deep love stories of Studio Ghibli, love comes to every level of society, all ages, with many nuances. Each love story is a classic, smooth, peaceful song that is carved in the hearts of viewers. Here are 5 love stories that made many audiences sobbing of Studio Ghibli.

Ashitaka and San – Love in the battle between nature and humans


Mononoke Hime is a popular anime produced in 1997 by Studio Ghibli. The epic work revolves around the battle between man and nature, mingling in that battle is a pure and pure affection of Ashitaka and Princess Mononoke.

In the struggle to retain the spirit of the forest, Ashitaka sided with San, protecting and helping her, holding back the hatred of her. Between the gun and the smoke, the fire burned nature; between anger, the fury of evil beasts, Ashitaka with his brave heart and kindness, has gradually transformed the “animalistic” in San people. Mingling in battle is a pure affection of Ashitaka and Princess Mononoke.

A wild San, the personality suddenly softened, shy under the protection of Ashtaka. In the film, their love blends into the deep blue landscape, full of light and belief of the forest, in opposition to the heat, the gloom of weapons and death that humans bring.

The image of the film is beautiful, vivid colors intertwined to create a humanistic story about protecting the environment, about the desire to live peacefully between people and animals.

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Howl and Sophie – Love in miracles

Romantic Love Stories Of Ghibli

Howl’s Moving Castle was released in 2004, an outstanding piece about Sophie ‘s exciting adventure in Wizard Howl’ s flying castle. The love story of the hat maker Sophie and the handsome Wizard Howl is the most interesting and romantic story that Miyazaki Hayao sketched.

In the curse that became the form of a ninety-year-old woman, Sophie from a faded eighteen-year-old girl in her life suddenly shone, freeing herself from worries, inferiority, and fear. Sophie confidently expressed her love for Howl, neutralizing the curse in his heart and vigorously approaching with true happiness without any miracle performed. That happiness is to have the heart of the one you love and be with that person in the house forever.

The scene in the movie is beautiful, colorful and miraculous. Every girl will melt in front of the field of flowers floating in the white clouds that Howl gives Sophie or will want to fly up in Howl’s bizarre, miraculous flying castle.

Jiro and Naoko – Love in dreams and sickness

Romantic Love Stories Of Ghibli

Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) is a work released in the summer of 2013. The film talks about Japanese dreams, pride in the process of conquering the sky.

Under the windy sky is the love of Jiro and Naoko. They met on a train when Jiro’s hat was swept away by the wind and Naoko caught it, saying “The wind that emerges I must live” linked the two people to two different lives into one.

Starting with embarrassment and being connected by “paper planes”, they get married and stay together. But happiness cannot exist forever. Jiro dreams of designing an aircraft with superior technology, he immerses himself in challenges and failures to create a super product in the sky, so he forgets Naoko, the small tuberculosis disease wife suffering

The end of the love story is the departure of Naoko and Jiro that created the best fighter in the Second World War but it soon became the ashes when the Japanese Empire failed. A sad ending!

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Umi and Shun – Love at the youthful age after misunderstandings

Romantic Love Stories Of Ghibli

From Up On Poppy Hill is an anime work set in Japan in the 1960s, which tells the story of Umi and Shun. The two began feelings of youthful youth in high school and crept doubts and misunderstandings about bloodline. After the question was answered that they were not brothers, Umi confessed her love to Shun, the two smiling on the ship full of hope and vitality of youth.

This love is unclear, but it is a sincere, beautiful and powerful sentiment like the banner that Umi usually pulls to the top of the hill at his house. The flag flying in the wind signaled the peace for the ship from the far back, arriving at the shore of happiness and wellbeing in true love that people have for each other.

Princess Kaguya and Sutemaru – Love in reminiscence of beautiful memories

Romantic Love Stories Of Ghibli

Taketori Monogatari is a story based on the Japanese fairy tale “Fairy of bamboo pipes”. Under the rustic, vivid drawings, the love story of Kaguya gradually appeared: she lived in silk velvet, many admirers but her heart was always directed to the childhood days of that time, about childhood beside Sutemaru.

In the past,in childhood, he often plays, protects the little girl. The days of playing, free, flying between heaven and earth, grass and animals leave. People must mature, there must be money and status. She left her childhood to learn how to become a princess, a noble but lonely girl and from there she left him forever.

The everyday freedom and joy only remained in her farewell tears when she left. A fairy tale is sad, a love story full of regret.

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