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Princess Mononoke: Lady Eboshi

Lady Eboshi (エボシ御前 Eboshi Gozen), is the lethal and ambitious ruler of Iron Town, with a vague but tragic history who is out for world domination so that all humans can have true equality. At first glance she may seen a bit villainous but above all else, is a great leader, willing to put herself before others, and wanting to give girls equal or even superior rights to men. One could argue that she is a main antagonist of the film, yet at the same time she could also be considered a hero and helper to the main characters.


Princess Mononoke: Lady Eboshi

She has black hair that she ties up in some sort of traditional style, finishing off with a pink ribbon. She’s the only female in the film who wears lipstick. She wears Hakama, a dark red male kimono, and a huge cloak that she hangs on her shoulders. This outfit is reminiscent of ‘Shirabyoushi’, which hints at her backstory. When she’s in her ‘battle attire’ she wears a shorter cloak and a red ‘eboshi cap’ which gave her name.


Eboshi’s history is vague, and has only ever been said a being tragic. What exactly happened was never covered, and only educated guesses and speculations can be made. However it is clear the animals are somehow involved, which would explain her hatred towards them. According to Hayao Miyazaki, Eboshi was a former slave girl who rebelled against her slavers.


Princess Mononoke: Lady Eboshi

Lady Eboshi was first seen when she and her army transported rice to the Iron Town where they were attacked by San and the wolves but survived. When Ashitaka arrived at Iron Town, he met Eboshi. Ashitaka knew that Eboshi was responsible for turning Nago into a devil. San then goes to Irontown to fight her. After that, she decapitated the Forest God and was bitten by Moro her right hand. After the land was healed, she promised to rebuild a better town and leave the forest alone

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Eboshi is a tough and arrogant woman who wants to positively influence the world. As the leader of Iron Town, the townspeople love her, giving her the highest influence as she was the one who freed them from their oppressive environments by bringing them all to Iron Town. She has the girls work the forge and the lepers make guns for her, making her a grey character.

Princess Mononoke: Lady Eboshi

In pressing situations she’s shown as calm and collected, attributing to her status as a leader. She has a definite authoritative air about her, which Ashitaka inevitably sees and provokes. She’s also a very strong female who understands the injustice of a women’s position in society. Needless to say, all of the women in the town have established the belief that men are all infidels. Despite her ambitious agenda, she in the end when Iron Town is destroyed. By then, she is shown to be remorseful.

Eboshi is not the main character, but she has a very important role in the film. This character even impressed the viewers: a smart, strong, assertive woman. How about you? Have you seen Princess Mononoke yet? If you’re a fan of this movie and love other Studio Ghibli movies, then try visiting Princess Mononoke merchandise. Let’s create beautiful moments with Studio Ghibli !

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